Upcoming events

    • 31/03/2019
    • 04/04/2019
    • Cairo, Egypt

    It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in our forthcoming Healthcare Trade Mission to Egypt, taking place from 31 March to 4 April 2019. This event is organised in partnership with the Department for International Trade (DIT), the British-Egyptian Business Association (BEBA), and Egyptian British Business Council (EBBC).

    Earlier this year, Egypt’s Ministry of Health signed an MOU with the UK government, making the UK a key partner for the implementation of Egypt’s health reform programme.

    A huge effort is underway in Egypt to upgrade its public and private healthcare facilities. Egypt’s government is rolling out a new universal health insurance programme, which creates significant opportunities for UK plc. The government is keen on working with the UK for the delivery of healthcare training programmes, e-health solutions, investment in medical manufacturing facilities (particularly in the new Suez Canal Economic Zone) and the provision of high-quality medical equipment, surgical equipment, disposables and pharmaceuticals.

    Our three-day programme includes meetings with senior officials in government, site visits and private sector meetings with potential partners and distributors. Join us and explore the considerable opportunities in Egypt’s healthcare sector for UK business in Egypt.  

    If you wish to join, please fill out the application form, and return to Karin van Wesep: karin@theebcc.com

Past events

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31/10/2018 Workshop 'Trade with Egypt; Export Documentation, Finance Options & Customs Formalities”
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29/05/2018 Workshop 'Trade with Egypt; Export Documentation, Trade Finance & Customs Formalities”
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08/05/2018 'Made in Egypt' Private View, Exhibition & Gala Dinner
13/02/2018 Conference: Brexit & UK-China Strategic Partnership in Africa
11/02/2018 Transport & Healthcare Trade Mission to Egypt
22/01/2018 Egypt Roundtable Event in Liverpool
30/11/2017 Breakfast Briefing with HE Dr. Hisham Arafat Mahdi, Minister of Transport
08/11/2017 Export Showcase: Opportunities in Egypt's Energy Sectors
17/10/2017 INFRA Africa & Middle East Expo
10/10/2017 Workshop 'Trade with Egypt; Export Documentation, Trade Finance & Customs Routines'
27/09/2017 Manchester Chamber 'Gateway to Egypt' Seminar
23/09/2017 Infrastructure Trade Mission to Egypt
12/09/2017 Breakfast Briefing with Vice Minister of Finance, Mr Ahmed Kouchouk
06/07/2017 World Trade Summit: Blueprint for a Global Britain
28/06/2017 Breakfast Briefing on Egypt’s Economy after the Reform Programme with Angus Blair
22/03/2017 Winning Business in African Markets
15/03/2017 Cairo International Fair
09/03/2017 Midlands Engine Trade Summit
23/02/2017 International Trade Club Breakfast Meeting
11/02/2017 Overseas Trade Delegation to Egypt
23/01/2017 Breakfast Briefing with HE Eng Tarek El Molla, Egypt's Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources
05/12/2016 Breakfast Briefing on Egypt's Economic and Legislative Developments & the IMF Deal with Dr Ziad Bahaa Eldin
08/11/2016 Future Markets with the West Midlands Chambers of Commerce
25/10/2016 Cambridgeshire Chamber 'Gateway to Egypt' Seminar
22/09/2016 Doing Business in Egypt with the Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce
09/09/2016 Invest NI: Doing Business in Egypt
16/06/2016 International Festival for Business in Liverpool
25/05/2016 Breakfast Briefing on the Suez Canal Economic Zone with Dr Ahmed Darwish
27/04/2016 North East Expo
25/04/2016 Workshop on New Trade Regulations for Export to Egypt